New Version – 29 Sep 2016

I’ve released a new version of Cogismo (Android 1.3.4).  This version:

  1. Removes the opening screen pop-up message.
  2. Instead the Help button on the opening screen now flashes until you’ve opened the help screen.  The content of the help screen has also been upgraded – including adding some pictures (describing the rules of Cogismo puzzles) aimed at non-English speakers.
  3. Displays larger cogs when used on a larger screen.
  4. Drops the previous wall-paper, and replaces it with a user-controllable series of circles.
  5. Is faster, but starts slower.
  6. Now saves all puzzles onto the Cogismo website (if the device has an internet connection), but the user still gets to select whether their username is recorded along with their results.

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